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Nikas Publications was established in 1948 by Nikolaos D. Nikas and focused on publishing selected literary works by Hanson, Hemingway, Freud, Nitse, Hugo, Mayer, Passof, Fauriel, including Hunger, Farewell to Arms, Roman and Folklore Songs. In subsequent years, the publishing house marketed various language dictionaries, such as Greek-German, German-Greek, English-Greek, and Greek-English. Nikas Publications became known for their innovative approach to publish and distribute the Eleftheroudakis Encyclopaedia in 24 or 12 volumes printed in small issues. Other important publications followed, such as The History of the Greek Nation written by Paparigopoulos and Karolidis, An International History, and a number of children's books by Swift. Nikas Publications published numerous literary books written by Greek and other writers that reached high numbers of circulation.

In more recent years Nikas Publications published translations of famous works of well-known non-Greek publishing houses such as Walt Disney Productions, Hachette, Salvat and many others, including The Wonderful World of Animals, The Wonderful World of Plants, Wanting to Learn, Overseeing Explorations.

Also books such as, Sex Education, the children's encyclopaedia Wonderful World of Knowledge, Growing up Healthy, Short Stories for Little People, Sport Goofy, Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney, The Little Explorers and many others.

All the publications mentioned above as well as other smaller series, such as The Murderess, The Orphan, and The Choleric Woman by Papadiamantis, the works of Kondylakis, as well as many other titles that you can find in our catalogue. The obvious quality of our publications constitutes the important element that has made our publications the most popular for Greek readers.

Nikas Publications have contributed tremendously to the education of many postwar generations of Greeks. Moreover, Nikolaos D. Nikas has built a school and a library in a Greek village of N. Ipiros and has donated numerous volumes of books to more than 150 libraries all over Greece. For this reason, Greek and North American groups have awarded him in the past.

Nowdays, the nearly half-a-century tradition and commitment to quality of Nikas Publications is being carried out by two companies, namely E. Nikas Inc. and Editions Hellniki Paedia S.A. Both companies remain dedicated to meeting high standards in all sectors of publishing. The latter enterprise, Editions Helliniki Paedia remains a free standing operation and specializes in publishing many of the works cited above as well as many other literary, children's, historic, philosophic and encyclopedic in content books.

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