Dare Little Bear

Dare Little Bear

Illustrator Michael Kountouris
Text Myrto Nielsen
Pages 32
Format 24×24
World rights available
Sold Mango Jeunesse (France)
Autumn Group (North American)
Brimax (UK)



Eugene loves to play with the scarlet toy-boat that Grandpa gave to him.
He also likes to play with his older friend, Hannibal although he is not always that nice to him.
Normally, Eugene chooses to ignore Hannibal’s bad temper and violent behavior that spoils their games.
However, when Hannibal bullies him into giving up his favourite toy, Eugene knows he can’t put up with it any more.

Dare Little Bear addresses the thorny subject of bullying between children in a manner that is comforting , sensitive and at times funny.
The book prepares young children to deal with bullying situations they may encounter in or outside school, as well as enhances their trust in their family as a place to turn to for security and support.
With illustration and text appealing mainly to preschool children, Dare Little Bear is an ideal medium for parents and teachers who wish to raise the subject at home or within a kindergarten class.




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