Reindeers in Contest

Reindeers in Contest

Illustrator Michael Kountouris
Author Athena Gotsi
Pages 32
Format 26×26
World rights available



An Invitation to a very special contest makes Hector’s Christmas and takes his grandfather many years back, to his days of youth. As Grandpa shares his memories with his grandson, an extraordinary story unfolds – a story about courage, friendship and the things that really matter in life.
Reindeers in Contest is more than a fascinating Christmas story. It’s an inspiring text that introduces children to the values of modesty, fair play and unselfishness.

Grandpa’s adventure in the Red Forest is a life changing experience, whose meaning children can find in everyday life, whether it’s in sports, school or any other competitive activity. At the same time, they genuinely enjoy the colorful pictures and the Christmas setting of the story, with the familiar face of Santa Claus and the reindeers that draw his sleigh.
Reindeers in Contest is a Christmas story for all year long.


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